Hook’s law

Hooke’s Law

 Hook's law

  • Robert Hooke was the scientist who gave Hooke’s law.
  • Hooke’s law states that within the elastic limit, stress developed is directly proportional to the strain produced in a body.
  • Consider a scenario where we apply external force to the body. As a result stress develops in the body due to this stress there will be a strain produced in the body which implies that there will be some deformation in the body.
  • Because of stress, strain is produced.
  • According to Hooke’s law, if strain increases the stress will increase and vice-versa.
  • The Hooke’s law is applicable to all elastic substances.
  • It does not apply to plastic deformation.
  • Mathematically :
  • stress ∝ strain
  • stress = k × strain
  • Where k is the proportionality constant and is known as modulus of elasticity

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