12th chapter 1 quiz

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Electric Charges and fields ( MCQ's Test )

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Two charges of equal magnitudes kept at a distance r exert a force F on each other. If the charges are halved and distance between them is doubled, then the new force acting on each charge is

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A charge Q is divided into two parts of q and Q – q. If the coulomb repulsion between them when they are separated is to be maximum, the ratio of Q/q should be

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Electric field at a point varies as r° for

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In general, metallic ropes are suspended on the carriers taking inflammable materials. The reason is

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Which of the following statement is correct? The electric field at a point is

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Two similar spheres having +Q and -Q charges are kept at a certain distance. F force acts between the two. If at the middle of two spheres, another similar sphere having +Q charge is kept, then it experiences a force in magnitude and direction as

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The electric field inside a spherical shell of uniform surface charge density is

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When a glass rod is rubbed with silk, it

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The magnitude of electric field intensity E is such that, an electron placed in it would experience an electrical force equal to its weight is given by

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The electric field intensity due to an infinite cylinder of radius R and having charge q per unit length at a distance rir r(r > R) from its axis is

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